mains electricity supply

The local utility company supplies 220V 60Hz.

All lighting, water heaters and pumps are connected to 220v, and 220v socket outlets are British square pin Type G. An adapter is available for European Types C and F plugs. We recommend that visitors with 110v equipment do not use adapters in 220v outlets.
Transformers supply 110v North American outlets Type B throughout the property.
Shaver outlets supply a choice of 110v or 220v.
USB charging outlets for mobile devices are available in the Main House bedrooms.

Click here for further information about plugs and sockets.

backup Generator

Our 17kVA backup generator installed in the Gate House is sufficient to supply electricity to the entire property on a full load.

The generator is manually controlled remotely from a single switch in the Main House kitchen.
Most power outages are short enough to maintain fridges and water heaters at reasonable temperatures without the use of the generator. In the interests of noise and air pollution we try to minimise generator use.
Emergency lighting will assist access to the controls. A warning light will indicate restoration of the main supply, advising that the generator can be shut down.